July 25, 2009

Google Vs Microsoft

We all pretty much know that Google and Microsoft are the two giant companies competing with each other to invade the world. And that day would come before long.

Microsoft founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen began its journey in 1979.This corporation mainly focussed on their operating system called Windows which has become popular in a short period of time because of its user friendliness. Microsoft Office enables people to create smart presentations,docs and calculations using Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel etc. Users dont have to be a genius to work on these environments. All this success let Microsoft to expand its wings from Windows 98 to Windows XP and then to Windows Vista. The latest sensation being the yet to be released Windows 7.

And now we have Google founded on 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin with main focus on their Search engine. Google has been a default option for searching the web for a long time. Google accounts for around 60% of online searches-a record which no other search engine has come near to it. Though these two companies seem to have different focusses they do compete with each other. Like Microsoft Office, Google has its own Google Docs which enable users to create their docs and presentations. When it comes to Google everything is Web based. You dont have to have softwares installed in your PC to do all this work instead you just have to login to Google to get your work done.

But then Microsoft will never let its users down which is why it has its own Office Live Workspace which works similiar to Google Docs. Here you go!If its Microsoft's MSN that provides mail service to people, Google has its own Gmail. And if its Google Chrome its Internet Explorer from Microsoft's side. This competition doesnt stop with computers alone. If Microsoft introduced Windows Mobile operating system for smartphones, so does Google by introducing Google Android which is an open source OS.

Google has various other products too- Blogger, Google Maps, Google Chrome, GTalk, YouTube, Picassa, Orkut, GMail etc. All these have become a part of our lives these days. Thanks to Google!

On the other hand Microsoft's products apart from the operating systems are MSN, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Zune, the incredible XBox series of games,.NET softwares,silverlight, many hardware products and the latest sensation being Bing-Microsoft's search engine. How cool is that!

Both Google and Microsoft keeps buying the potential companies to strengthen their market but both didnt make it up buying Yahoo when it was under financial stress in 2008. And the both the companies have been investing a lot in Cloud Computing which has proved to be a boom these days.And both Google and Microsoft along with more companies have joined hands to make ue of the 'white spaces'(unused bandwidth in the frequency spectrum of television) in future!

As we saw earlier while Google focusses on online services and Microsoft on desktop applications these two companies are now trying to become successfull other way round too-Google on desktop applications and Microsoft on online services!
Sky is the limit for both Google and Microsoft.

Iam a fan of both Google and Microsoft for these are the giants who have made us go digital!
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