July 15, 2009


Sivam-one of the works of the great writer-Indira Soundarajan who became very famous through "Marma Desam" which was telecasted years ago.I still cant forget how I used to wait to watch this serial every week and it was hard to get this out of my mind. Indira Soundarajan's novels are usually filled with suspense and thrill and one among them is Sivam-my first book of this author.

A battle between people who have fierce faith in God and those who dont. Raj Narayan comes back to his village after finishing his studies abroad. Technically he is an athiest who comes to wed his brahmin cousin who turns out to be a staunch believer in God. Not only her but the whole place is so religious.

And there is a group to steal the precious things that belong to the ancient temple and as per the fate Raj becomes its protector. Everytime he wishes to leave the place he had to face many obstacles and ultimately fail. Like this many weird things happen around him and he ends up knowing the truth which he refuses to accept.This is the outline of the story.

I particularly like the climax of the story where there is a strong answer for Raj Narayan's athiesm.A good book and I want you to give it a try if you are a reader.
Im looking forward to read "kannigal ezhupaer" of Indira Soundarajan in future.


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