July 03, 2009

Final Destination series

If you are someone who is so interested in watching thriller movies, then you shouldnt miss watching Final Destination series.
I remember watching the first part when I was in school (say 4 yrs back). People who got down the flight which happened to crash minutes later start dying in some sequential order. The deaths of these people are so mysterious and at the end none who was on the plane survives.

A year later this incident, a girl while driving gets an intuition that there would be a terrible road accident and therefore calls a cop and tries to prevent the accident from happening. But it seemed to be too late and the people as she visualized start dying in the order in which they drove their vehicles. Strange sequence though! This is wat Final Destination 2 is all about and i saw this movie recently. Its got more thrill than the first part.

And Final Destination 3 is a movie which I cant stop watching over and over again. Anybody who has seen this movie would give a second thought before going for a roller coaster ride in a theme park. People who escaped from going for a ride get killed and this time its even more worse. Final Destination 3 is 10 times more scarier than the combination of the first 2 parts. I cant deny the fact how i was shaken when I saw the tanning bed scene which is right after the roller coaster ride. And none survives at the end.

If you are a weak minded person dont watch this movie. On the other hand if you are a sport, go for it!
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