July 29, 2009

Microsoft succeeds in buying Yahoo!

In my last second post about Google Vs Microsoft on July 25th, I had written that Google and Microsoft stepped forward to buy Yahoo but eventually none succeeded. Well, this was 3 days ago :) Today Microsoft has bought Yahoo . From now on Bing (Microsoft's search engine) will be the offiicial search engine that would be found on Yahoo home page as a result of which you will find "powered by Bing".

So now the two Internet giants have joined hands to push back Google... (???!!!!)
The agreement is signed for 10 years during which Microsoft will focuss on search engine and Yahoo on ad sales. Microsoft apart from focussing on operating systems, hardware, browsers had also invested millions in search engine market as a result of which it was able to get Bing to the third place when Yahoo was on second and Google on top of everything. Now a partnership with Yahoo does make a difference.

So no doubt everyone would be eager to know who gets on top in search technology!!!
And Google is now high on developing free OS for PC's the success of which would be a bane for
Microsoft Windows

We will only have to wait to know who gets what better (and Id be happy either ways coz Im a die hard fan of both the companies ;) )

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