July 10, 2009

GTalk- becomes informative and entertaining

Most of us use Google products like Blogger, Picassa, iGoogle, GMail, Orkut, Youtube and GTalk extensively. Recently more cool features have been added to some of these products and GTalk tops that list.

GTalk is no longer just used for chat and file transfers. The functions are upgraded so that it can be used irrespective of whether ur chat friends are online or not. If you are a job seeker the latest new feature would serve you best. Naukri has just launched its job search feature in GTalk.

Add jobs@chat.naukri.com as your friend in GTalk and when you see this online type help and you get the necessary information to proceed further. You can enter your location, experience, search for a particular job or even search by giving your Naukri Id.

Apart from this I think there is something more which is worth sharing and has been in use for quite a long time. In you case you dont find any of your friends online and you need to kill time you could go for this- Add games@gtalkbots.com as your friend in GTalk and when it is online start about by typing anagram. You receive a jumbled word and you have to assemble it to get a sensible word. As simple as it sounds. This becomes more interesting when you register yourself in gtalkbots.com after which you get a chance to compete with several other people who are in gtalkbots. In such a case you would tend to beat the other person competing with you to get a high score.

There are many more features in www.gtalkbots.com , Check it out and enjoy exploring the new features of GTalk.
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