February 19, 2010

Buzz, Twitter and FaceBook- All in one page

Buzz has become popular overnight. But users dont have to sacrifice using Twitter or Facebook or keep changing the tabs to goto the respective sites.
As i was browsing the other day I ended up in "Mashable" where I read about an article which would enable us using Buzz,Twitter and Facebook without even leaving Gmail page. Tried it and its working. So thought of sharing it here.

Here is how it goes:

1. Open your Gmail account.

2. Goto Settings - >Labs -> Add any Gadget by URL (last one among the many thats listed). Enable it.

3. Goto Settings->Gadgets

4. For adding Twitter gadget copy this link and paste it

5. For adding Facebook gadget copy and paste this link

Refresh the page and its done.

                      Expand the Facebook gadget and this is how it would look after
                      embedding the two gadgets.

Checking mail, Buzzing, Tweeting, Facebooking - now all in one page 
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