February 03, 2010

Yah Bin Goo

Wondering what it is?

Search engines are competing against each other at fast pace. But you dont have to confuse which search engine to use or keep switching tabs giving various search engine addresses to get your result. That is how YahBinGoo comes into the picture.

YahBinGoo(as the name implies) is the combined version of Yahoo, Bing and Google search engines i.e you can use three search engines at the same time.
Each of these engines have different strategy according to which the related websites to your query is listed. When this is the case why not have all the three major search engines on one screen when you search?!

Now the features

1. You can view the results of the respective search engine in tabs if you like

2. Press SHIFT and left click to open the link in new window

3. Press CNTRL and left click to open the link in new tab

4. Press ALT and left click to download the webpage

And there are some more tricks which you would find it useful

Start searching in an entirely new way!!

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