February 17, 2010

How I met your mother

"How I met your mother" is a Tv show of fun and comic genre. Very addictive, funny and totally worth watching.
Gist of HIMYM:

(As the name implies) It is a story which Ted Mosby  tells his children how he met their mother.The flashback rolls and he tells about every person who he ran into his life, the fun, weird, happy, sad and frustrating times and how he ended up falling in love with his "The One". Four people play very important role in Ted's life- Marshall Ericsson, Lily Ericsson, Barney Stinson and Robin Sherbatsky who all live in New York. 

Ted Mosby:

Ted is cute, romantic and single who waits for his ultimate girl to arrive. Ted's best man is Marshall. Being an architect, his ambition is to build a skyscraper in New York. But life has other better plans for him. He tells the whole story to his kids and thats how the story is unravelled. 

Marshall and Lily Ericsson:

           High school friends of Ted's and the most perfect couple ever.Marshal is a lawyer and Lily works a Kinder-garden school teacher. Ted, Marshall and Lily live together.

Barney Stinson:

           Ever since HIMYM was telecasted Barney became more popular than everyone else. This is because of his quick wit and humour. Barney is kind of expert in flirting and making girls fall for him with his own way of techniques which made him popular and an interesting character. 

Most popular dialogues of Barney:
         "Haaaaaaave you met Ted ?"
         "Suit up"
         "Iam Awesome"
         "Its going to be 'legen' wait for it 'dary'"

Robin Sherbatsky:

           Robin is a Canadian basically who is a TV reporter in a channel barely watched in New York. Ted and Robin date for a while and they break for some reason lately. She is hot, ambitious, hates to have kids and adventurous. 

The show has made many known faces as guest appearances. Stella is again a doctor in "HIMYM" as she was in "Scrubs".Every time Ted dates a woman, the audience think and rethink if she would be the one for Ted. That's the speciality of the show.

I have watched 4 seasons till now(the rest are being screened) and it is all amazing. With every season, it is becoming more interesting and funny. As i told you, it is totally worth your time.  

Have fun watching "How I met your mother" 



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