February 05, 2010

The youtube magic!

YouTube having millions of videos posted enables people only to watch them and not download them for free. However many applications have been designed to download these videos for free. For eg: Type "youtube video download" in Google- many applications pops up in competition. You can either download them to your desktop and save your favorite videos or you can also download the videos online without having to download the application itself. 

Guess what?? The above said is already outdated. There is even more simpler way of downloading videos. 

Follow these steps:

1. Goto www.youtube.com and see what video you wanna download

2. Copy the address and switch to a new tab/window of your browser

3. Now in the address bar- paste the address and wait, dont click enter

4. In the address you have pasted replace y by 3 and leave the rest of the address as it is

5. That leaves us with www.3outube.com/(with the selected videos address)

The rest is taken care automatically. You will be prompted to a download page where you have to specify the preferred format and click save.

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