December 12, 2008

Movies of this week

For this week,its Slumdog Millionaire and Rab ne bana di jodi

Slumdog Millionaire

Cast                     : Dev Patel,Freida Pinto,Anil Kapoor,Irfan Khan
Music                  : A.R.Rahman
Direction             : Danny Boyle
Cinematography:  Anthony Don Mantle

The Story:
          Jamal Malik and Salim lost their mother in a slum raid and they take Latika(on whom Jamal has a crush) with them.Then comes Maman who takes all 3 to an orphanage where they were made to beg for money.The kids somehow escape from tat place and started selling goods on top of the trains.The brothers lose track of Lathika and gets off near Taj Mahal.Jamal becomes a tourist guide and Salim invloves himself in theft.

Later they move to Mumbai in search of Lathika who was found being trained for prostitution and rescues her.Salim kills Maman and offers himself to Javed,a gangster and Jamal protests.Salim threatens Lathika and she consents to stay with him for Jamal.

Years later,Jamal participated in Kaun Banega Crorepati(Anil Kapoor,being the game show cast) in which he made it to the last question when he was accused for cheating.He proves himself innocent and returns back to the show.The correct answer for the final question would fetch him 20 million rupees.How he makes it and takes Lathika with him is the climax.

The entire movie was shot in India and it is based on the book "Q and A" by Vikas Swarup

Rab ne Bana Di Jodi

Cast           : Shah Rukh Khan,Anuksha Sharma
Direction   :  Aditya Chopra
Production: Yash Chopra
Music         : Salim Sulemanin

The Story:
   Surinder Sahni(ShahRukh) is a very ordinray,simple,clean hearted and an honest man working for Punjab Power.He meets Taani(Anuksha Sharma) who is just opposite to him-fun loving and full of energy.Fate brings these two poles-apart character together.Surrinder despises himself as Raj in a popular dance fest in Amritsar to impress his girl Taani.

Places where Surrinder struggles wearing a tight fit jeans and Anuksha racing in her bike with 'Dhoom Machale' music are enjoyable to watch.The film is full of fun,laughter,emotions,love,music,dance and sentiment.

One question tat arises in everyone's mind is how could Taani not recognise the difference between Surrinder and Raj when the similiarity was obvious.Aditya Chopra should hav paid attention to it

Otherwise,the movie is worth watching

SRK has done a good job!

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