December 05, 2008

Movies of the week

lets talk abt the latest releases 

For this week,its Dostana and varanam aayiram


Banner       : Dharma Productions
Cast            : Abhishek Bachan,John Abraham,Priyanka Chopra,Bobby Deol,Shilpa Shetty
Direction    : Tarun Mansukhani
Production: Karan Johar
Music          : Vishal Dadlani,Shekar Ravjiani
The Story:
   Sameer(Abhishek Bachan) and Kunal(John Abraham) were about to be sent out of an apartment because the land lady thinks tat these young men would corrupt her beautiful niece neha(priyanka chopra).So here these guys pretend to be "gay".Wat happens next? is the rest of the movie

Somehow the director Tarun Manshukhani has managed to give a movie tat is fun and frolic for youngsters while its ridiculus for others.

The concept of homosexuality would take few more yrs to sound simple !!
On the whole,,Dostana hits with fun moments but still it is unsuitable for certain audience

                                                            Varanam Aayiram

Cast          :  Surya,Simran,Sameera Reddy,Dhivya
Direction :  Gautham Menon
Music       :   Harris Jeyaraj

The story:
    It starts off with the father surya who dies after reaching home from a saloon.The msg is sent to Major Surya(his son) who is determined to go ahead of his rescue mission.And then comes the flashback-Surya's dad in his young age fell in love with simran and married her.Happy to see simran again.A small and sweet family with overwhelming happiness.Surya sees his father as a real hero and he is his greatest inspiration.
Surya then meets (Megna)Sameera Reddy and falls in love with her.Knowing tat she's moving to America for studies,he goes there as well...But going all the way to America just to win his lady love is a bit uncompromising ! Unfortunately Megna dies.
The reckless Surya becomes a horrible drug addict.Then how he transforms himself and becomes Major Surya and marries Priya(Dhivya) is rest of the story.

Harris Jeyraj's music is a feast to ears.Brilliant cinematography by Rathinavelu.

Surya rocks!!!


Rajesh Kumar Thankaraj said...

May i know howlong you spend for updating blogs daily?

suganya said...

It really depends on the current events.And I dont update it daily.When i do, I take one hr max for one post.
thank u

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