December 06, 2008

Sensational IT News

The impact of Viruses

There has been a sudden shut down of systems in 3 hospitals in london due to virus.

Three hospitals in london(Sir Bartholomew's,the royal London hospital and the london Chest hospital) were forced to shut down their systems for atleast 24 hrs because they were found being infected by a computer virus.Fortunately backup systems were in use and engineers are still working hard to restore the computer systems.

It was found tat the hospitals were infected by a variant of the MyTob worm which spreads via email.This worm plants a backdoor Trojan horse thereby enabling the hackers to gain access and infect the victim computers.As a consequence of this the hacker can spy on sensitive information abt patients and even launch denial of service atacks.

The hospitals are taking every necessary measure to take care of the patients records and assures confidentiality

What is cloud computing anyway

Cloud Computing has given a brand new dimension for online computing.This cutting edge technology not only cut costs but also promises a better experience for the end users.With the advent of this technology,the computing environment transforms from a static to dyanamic workplaces where users can share and access the information in a flexible way.Merchants like Google and IBM have already set foot in this field.

Shashi B Mal, Director, Systems & Technology Group, IBM India/South Asia explained, “Cloud computing is an emerging approach to shared infrastructure in which large pools of systems are linked together to provide IT services."

What cloud computing mainly does:

It enables a person to walk up to any computer anywhere in the world and access his data and applications just as it was when he last logged in.
All these services will be provided by a huge IT infrastructure somewhere up in the clouds.
Thomas J.Watson,founder of IBM has said that a few number of mainframes in the sky would provide this computational power to the users remotely.

Five main requirements to deliver cloud computing:

1.Scalability  2.Resilience for distribution 4.acceptable experience 5.minimum cost

Waiting to witness the effects of Cloud Computing

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