December 23, 2008

Windows shortcuts:
Every one of us have been using Windows right from the time we bought our PC.But i bet not everyone knows all these shortcuts.
One who uses mouse less frequently is considered to be a good professional in the corporate world.
Try this

ctrl+esc  =   Start main menu
alt+tab   =    switch between open programs              
shift+delete=delete an item permanently(will not be in recycle bin)
F10         =    activates menu bar options
alt+down arrow=opens a drop down list box
alt+space =   opens system menu(resize,maximize,minimize etc)
alt+F4     =    closes the current window
F5            =    refreshes the current window
ctrl+shift+tab= moves through the property tabs
windows+R   =Run dialog box
windows+M  =minimize the window
windows+shift+M=undo minimize all
windows+F   =Find files and folders
windows+break=opens system properties dialog box
windows+L  =Log off windows
windows+C  =control panel
Tab               =moves to the next control in the dialog box
shift+tab      =moves to the previous control in the dialog box
spacebar      =clicks if its a button,toggles if its a checkbox and selects if its an option

For a selected object:
F2    = Rename
F3    = find all files
alt+enter = open the properties for the selected object
ctrl+X  = cut
ctrl+C  =copy
ctrl+V  =paste

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