December 12, 2008

Know more about Sidney sheldon

Sidney Sheldon,born in Chicago served in World war2 by joining the AirForce as a pilot.He started his career in Hollywood as a screenplay writer.The movie "The Bachelor and the bobby soxer" won sheldon the academy award for the best screenplay in 1948.He gave a new dimension to his career

by creating and writing scripts for 2 telivision shows "Patty Duke" and "I dream about Jeannie" the latter of which won the Outstanding achievement for writting in Comedy for sheldon in 1967.

From 1969,sheldon started writing novels which took him to great heights.His first novel-The Naked Face was awarded the Edgar Allan Poe Award from the Mystery writers of America in the category of Best First Novel

In 1974,came his second book,The Other Side of Midnight
His third book was released the next yr(1975), A Stranger in the mirror
His 4th novel was Bloodline(1977) which many readers felt was the best of sheldon
The 5th was The Rage of Angels in 1980 and in
1982,Master of the Game was published
His 7th,8th and 9th novels are If Tomorrow comes,Windmills of the gods and the Sands of the time

Sidney Sheldon received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

His 10th novel,Memories of Midnight became a blockbuster hit in 1990
The Doomsday Conspiracy(1991) which topped the international bestsellers list was published
In 1992 The Stars shine down set a record breaking sales
His 13th novel Nothing lasts forever was published in 1994 after which Sheldon was named "National Spokesman for Libraries For the Future"
After tat Morning,Noon and Night and Best Laid Plans were published

Sheldon was honoured by the Guiness Book of World Records as the Most translated author in the world

In 1998,his 16th novel-Tell me your Dreams hit the NewYork bestseller list
And Sheldon was honoured with "The Great Authors of the twentieth century" stamp 

The last 2 novels were The sky is Falling and Are you Afraid of the Dark after which
his autobiography The Other Side of Me was published in 2005

In 2005,the great author passed away.

Download Sidney Sheldon Collection

I have uploaded around 16 books of Sidney Sheldon here.If a password is asked for extracting the files it is books_for_all

Have fun reading them.
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