December 17, 2008

What is IBM upto...

IBM's third 5 in 5 plan is expected to change our lives and provide a better world to live in.

Have a look at this video clip and you will definitely be amazed.

The five challenging innovations:

Energy saving solar technology tat will be used in paints and windows

Many technology came up with the idea of saving solar energy .But the process seemed to be difficult since the production of solar cells which rely on silicon seemed to be less efficient and more costly.
IBM has overcome these shortcomings by using thin film solar cells,which is 100 times times thinner with low cost than the traditional silicon.IBM is creating this thin film cells so tat it could be used on the roofs and sidesof a building,mobiles,cars and even in clothes(Can u believe that!)

Lets see how this works

IBM uses large lens to capture the sun's energy onto a centimeter solar cell where the conversion takes place electical energy being the result.But we all know that conversion in such a small space will give away a huge amount of heat which is enough to even melt a stainless steel.For that IBM comes up with a method to cool the solar cells once it captures the energy as a result of which a solar cell with 1600 degrees celcius can be brought down to just 85 degree celcius!!!

Talk to Web and the Web talks back to you

In the next five yrs,to access web incredibly we'd no longer need a PC and internet.New Technology will change the way people interact with websites,they may hav to talk instead of typing.Through your phone,you can sort through the web verbally to find some information u need and get back them as if you have a conversation with the web.
IBM is working on The Spoken Web Technology,through which people who do not have a PC and Internet and who are physically challenged will definitely be benifited.And not only them,everyone gets their work done in minutes by this Spoken Web.This way the Web becomes accessible to anyone and you stay connected 24*7.
This technology is based on "Voice Sites" concept which are analogous to websites which can be accessible via phones with the voice interface.

A crystal ball for health

You could forsee your health destiny which could be used to modify your lifestyle.In the next five years,a genetic map could tell us what healt problems we would likely face and the preventive measures to avoid them based on your specific DNA

Computing biology and Super computing are the two technologies that are used to determine the expected duration of a person's life,the likeliness of diseases and the impact of daily routine on our health.From this, a person gets to know the things he needs to change to live a better life.IBM researchers are developing a system that provides a tool for the technicians that records the responses of a particular drug to a disease.In this way taking a patient's blood and comparing it with thousands of people who have underwent this treatment over the years they could easily find out what worked and what didnt.

When doctors could use the genetic sequences to map the health destinies the results will be huge like healthy lifestyle,awareness of the diseases likely to occur and ultimately long lives.

Your own digital shopping assistants

In the next five years there wont be the need of a salesperson to bring you the clothes that will fill you correctly and search a showroom completely for you.Digital shopping assistants are equipped with touch screens and coice activated systems which enables you to select the dresses and the accessories.You dont have to search 
through the racks for the color and size.Once you select them a sales associate gets notifies ans they are directly 
brought to you.In case the product you are looking for is not present in tat shop you can either order them online and get them at your doors or you will be directed to the nearest stores that contain your desired products 

You can also review the products,take snaps of it and send them to your family and
friends with the help of the shopping assistant

Forgetting becomes distant

Remembering what and what not to buy in a grocery store,a conversation with our doctors,a lecture in a conference,who do we have to meet and when becomes a really tough job in today's complex world.
IBM is implementing HERMES technology to help people remember our day today activities and improve our short term memory
This is done by the microphones and video to record the conversations and automatically sends it to a personal computer where it is sorted and analyzed.When a photograph is captured in a mobile device,its information is extracted in an address book or calendar and can be recalled using a Web based application

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