January 02, 2009

Funny new year resolutions

Some of my new year resolutions

1.Be nice to people (coz i know i was mean to many)
2.I'd use less laundry and more deodrant :P
3.I will not spend time chatting on the phone (but switch to gtalk)
4.I will stop banging someone's door and running away in the middle of the night
5.I will no longer think about my past (but sit and worry abt my future)
6.I would no longer worry my staff by telling the same excuses but start thinking of a new one
7.I will avoid taking bath to conserve water
8.I will read my subject books(as soon as i find it)
9.I will not look at boys(but trust me im not a homosexual)
10.Take up a new habbit (maybe flirting)

But i dont really need all this stinking resolutions coz i know im perfect enough.So i dont intend to take all this seriously

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