January 16, 2009

Apple's Safari 3.2

As i was surfing through Apple website i came across its recent browser called Safari. Fortunately it was available for Windows also. I just wanted to try to see if it is effective and then after downloading i felt its just too good to avoid.

Below the address bar is the homepage bar consisting of Google,Apple,Youtube, Wikipedia homepages in seperate tabs.The default Apple homepage displays its latest applications, latest movie trailers, headlines, latest book reviews, TV shows and so on.Unlike Google and Yahoo you dont have to select your widgets to be displayed on your homepage.It is all there by default.
The browser setup is 19mb in size and requires atleast 256mb RAM.

The sites u visited via other browsers from your PC are automatically loaded the first time u use Safari. This applies to the Bookmarks as well.
To sum up, Safari is speedy,attractive and user friendly.
So if you are someone who experiment new software/browser arrivals, here u go, u shudnt miss this!
Visit www.apple.com and click the downloads section
And share your experience with me.
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