January 19, 2009

"The holiday"

"The Holiday"-I just happened to watch this movie though its an old one. 
A story about two ladies in search of their true love. Cameron Diaz lives in Los Angeles. She dumps her boyfriend when she comes to know he is not true to her. To overcome this, Diaz thinks to have a break in life.
On the the other side, Kate Wincelet in England is madly in love with a colleague of hers for three years. To put it more clearly "unexpressed love for 3 years". And suddenly he gets engaged to another girl. Kate, unable to bear this disappointment was ready to welcome a change in her life . 
Diaz makes up her mind to go out on a vacation and so she selects England. And she finds Kate's house through Google. The very sight of her house attracted Diaz and she contacts her asking to rent her house for a few days.
Kate instead proposed an idea to switch their houses for 2 weeks. And that was a great idea to both of them who really wanted some diversion. The very next day they start. Kate in Diaz's house and Diaz in Kate's house. 
During their stay, they meet many unexpected people around and started realizing that this is what they exactly wanted. Diaz who was ready to get packed back to Los Angeles after Christmas,changed her mind when she came to know that she was in love with Jude Law. Jude is a brother of Kate and a father of two kids. They came to know each other and enjoyed being together. A vacation did make a difference in Diaz life.
And so it was in Kate's too. She made friends around and came to know about Jack Black(a friend of Diaz) who was betrayed as well by an actress. And there they are, comforting each other. Kate enjoyed Jack's presence and he enjoyed her compassion.
Both the pairs, after knowing that they have finally got what they have been longing for decided to get married. Kate, Jack, Diaz ,Jude and the two kids started living in the same house. And the movie ends with everyone partying happily.
The way it is made is too good. The emotions and feelings of the two women is well expressed. I enjoyed watching this movie. And so will you if you are looking for a good romantic story.
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