January 11, 2009


I found this really interesting.
Have you ever wanted to advertise something to the world? If so, you can get started right away. Microsoft has come over with a new technique where anyone can upload their pic or their video and talk for 5 seconds. Go for a good location and start advertising and your video or pic becomes a part of the microsoft gallery.
Here is the link for you to get started

The other day i was going through the microsoft research papers the latest one being "The paper based text messaging" system. This is now just a paper proposed in Nov 2008 but for all you know it might get implemented in future. What is this paper based text messaging system about? SMS and MMS are the popular means of communication today among the youngsters. What about the old? They dont generally prefer SMSing for communication. So there is a communication barrier existing. To overcome this shortcoming The paper based text messaging
was proposed. The user interface being in the form of paper is very simple to send and receive msgs and is therefore useful to the old and young alike.

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