January 25, 2009

Nothing really happening

Having finished my 7th semester exam, I had around one and a half month hols. I think Ive utilized it in the best way. I went for driving class(car driving) to get my license. I read a lot of books- kadal pura by sandilyan( yet to finish),bloodline by sidney sheldon, Harmful Intent by Robin Cook, Testament by John Grisham and True Lies by Greg Iles. Books were my good company these hols. And i saw loads of movies too. Consequently, my holidays fled soon and i wasnt bored.
Now, its actually time for me to come out of all this and start doing something constructively.
For the past one week, Ive been idle. One thing tat kept haunting me was my future. In today's economic condition, this is a very tough question to answer. Will higher studies help me? Or should i get prepared for work? This is wat i keep thinking about, but everytime i think i only get a blurred answer. And now so many things lying ahead of me- CAT, XAT, JMET, SNAP, MAT. All of these exams commence from September.
As of now this is the case with all my friends around me. Some of whom are keen on GMAT, GRE, off campus,certification courses bla bla...
A very depressing time and
Just not happening...
And i keep my fingers crossed

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