January 04, 2009

Reading for pleasure

I had an aversion to novels and fictions till i was in school.I always thought i lack patience to sit back and read.It was in college tat i found many of my friends read a lot of books,so i thought to give a try.In english my first book was "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown,a good start though.A thriller filled with suspense and i loved it.Then i read Da Vinci Code and Digital Fortress by the same author and i liked them but i hate Deception point.Then ive started reading some books of Sidney sheldon,Jeffrey Archer etc.And then Harry Potter.

In tamil my first novel was Parthiban kanavu by kalki.Ponniyin Selvan was supposed to be the best of kalki and i so wanted to read it.But i was only be able collect ebooks tat time.Believe me,i cud not stop reading all the 5 parts of PS in PDF format.A breath taking story and i love it.It was then i realised book or ebook doesnt make a big difference as long as the story is interesting enough to hold u.And thanks to my district library where i borrowed Sivagamiyin sabatham-another great book of kalki and this story can bring tears to even a stone hearted person at the end.

I have the ebooks and if you think u need any of those,leave ur mail id in the comments box and i'l mail it to u

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Lancelot said...

Wow- I see someone who have read the famous works of Kalki and dan brown-- amazing - I hail from thanjavur and I felt a chill in my spine after reading ponniyin selvam to think that arulmozhi varman and vandhiyathevan might have used my street when they were travelling in disguise :P :P...and Dan Brown - somewhat I find him the plots are easily predictable in all the 4 books I managed to guess the villain of the story half way through...btw can u please email the e-books of kalki (I have dan browns)...I wanna treasure it...my id is arunkumar_guna@yahoo.com or legolus.shadowfax@gmail.com

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